Can a single photo change your life?

It does for Kat Walkowski.  When a friend takes a snap shot of her in the street, Kat becomes a fashion sensation.  And so, #CatchingPiekna is born.

He must have got that long lens because the photos keep getting posted online. He writes all this fake guff about how I’m a famous model, and takes top gloss pics of me looking gorgeous, getting out of cars like I’m going to film premiers, only I’m in Wales being a school girl and the red carpet is outside the local bingo hall. He seems to think it could lead to something big, but I’m not convinced. He’s posting every other minute. Uses the name, “Catching Piekna”. Ha ha, very funny. Piekna means beauty in Polish.
Extract from SNAP by Lizzie Hexter

Here’s are some fabulous #CatchingPiekna style snaps from the lovely
What Would Taylor Swift Wear


This next tasty snap is part of the
Gucci (Eyewear) Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign


And this #CatchingPiekna style pic is over at
The Zoe Report


Featured pic courtesy of Everything Audrey


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